In soccer training of superior performance .. by Carlos Carvalhal

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Preface by Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa (President of Futebol Clube do Porto - Futebol, SAD)   Prefating ...   "Although being commonly regarded as a monument to posterity, a book is also, usually the mirror of the soul of its author.   In the remarkable, serious, profound and particularly perilous approach that he proposes to make to the vast and complex universe of football, Carvalkal graciously repays us with his work, all the Friendship, all the Admiration and all the Value that we always recognize him. The diversified theme in it that embraces values ​​so dear to Football as are the operationalization of training, the stabilization of the athlete's recovery or even the tactical periodization in which, as he affirms, the contextualization is the primacy, claiming itself the permanent observance of the still now somewhat enigmatic psychological factor, reveal an unusual effort for the exhaustive collection of important items, which considerably enrich the chronicle. but which demonstrate the great availability of all who collaborated in it to accede to the invitation of the Friend, the Man, the exemplary Athlete.   This is undoubtedly a committed and profitable work of research and research that itself translates the pertinacity and seriousness of Carlos Carvalhal in perfect consonance and cohesive articulation with its honest and simple character.   Finally, the commitments that the author establishes in the way of completion are, more than a lesson in virtuosity, a sporty, austere and reflective manifesto.   From conception to understanding, the monument imposes itself, posterity thanks. " Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa (President of Futebol Clube do Porto - Futebol, SAD)   Book Description:   "This publication represents a change directed towards a reformulation of contents about sports training, based on the desire to equate methodologies capable of enabling through rigor the achievement of success." Master José Neto   "The Binomial practice-theory is fundamental to the evolution of the game. This work, in accessible language, helps to share knowledge, and to seek debate, which unfortunately is not common among coaches." José Couceiro







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1. Introduction

2. "Conventional" periodization

3. Trinomial: Intensity - Volume - Recovery, in football

4. Tactical Periodization

5. From "reductionism-interactionism" to "Decomposition - articulation"

6. Habit

7. Non-mechanical mechanism

8. Specificity in Soccer Training

9. Material and methods

9.1 Characterization of the sample

9.2 Selected Research Methods

9.3 Collection of data

10. Analysis and discussion of results

11. Conclusions

12. Literature Review

12.1 From the Paradigm of Simplification ... to Complexity

12.2 Fatigue

12.3 Recovery




Author: Carlos Carvalhal

Format: Softcover

Number of pages: 137

Portuguese language

ISBN: 9729555915

2nd edition

Tags: Books, soccer, training, superior, performance, Carlos, Carvalhal, In soccer training of superior performance .. by Carlos Carvalhal

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