Master-Tennis - for tennis coaches

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Master-Tennis - for tennis coaches

* Multi-step (Masters, seniors, juniors, children, etc.) * Events and results * Weekly training plan * Database for technical and physical exercises * Quick exercise consultation * Graphical exercise simulator * General information of swimmers * Results of the tests carried out * Real-time workout routine * List of drills performed * Projection monitor data-show * Opposite times * Preparation by exercises and training units * General planning of mesocycles * Control of times in individual training * Real-time video capture (with webcam) * Management of conventions for events and events * Individual Test Management * Presence management training * Introduction of Clubs and Events * Sports Schedule * Training and orientation program * Picture and diagram reviewer * Digital video viewer * Vidigital image analyzer

* Possibility of including and changing audio files (with microphone) for: + Exercise sheets + Training Units tabs + Individual records of athletes + Comments on athletes' tests * Dozens and dozens of paper listings * Dynamic windows in opening and closing The Master-Tennis computer program was developed in a high-level L5G language and its reliability is recognized by international software development standards. Although very powerful this language only needs a minimum of resources that today we find in any personal computer. That is, any machine equipped with 128 Mb of RAM, a Gb of disk space, a PIII or AMD processor and a video card that allows the resolution of 1024x768 is more than enough to run this program. Using a predicative analysis, one of the most recent techniques of software development, this program is one of the first applications to use this method for the training and practice of field tennis. The built system allows a more effective use of data diversity, which is recognized to be the best to make the right decisions about the different training and athletes. Predicting different scenarios is one of the possible applications of predicative analysis in the sports field. Others include optimizing strategies and tactics, modifying individual exercises, and potentially improving player selection and gameplay. With the Master-Tennis it is possible to plan an entire sporting season and the respective preparation program for each player in particular. The management of athletes, for example, allows you to take into account the availability of each one, their specific abilities, the training program of each and the complete file, and much more.

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