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Coaching Combination PlayFrom Build Up to FinishLearn to "Coach Combination Play" with Practical Examples of How to Play from the Keeper, through Defence, Midfield and AttackThis fantastic FULLCO..


Coaching Transition PlayFull Sessions from the Tactics of Simeone, Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho & RanieriLearn to "Coach Transition Play" - Defence to Attack and from Attack to Defenc..


Dutch Academy Football Coaching U14-15Functional Training and Tactical Practices from Top Dutch CoachesThis book contains 35 Tactical patterns of play and 62 practices from th..


MARCELO BIELSACoaching Build Up Play Against High Pressing TeamsLearn to Coach "The Bielsa Way" - Building Up Play Against High Pressing Teamswith 9 Full Sessions (35 Practices) based on 9 G..

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