Software 500 exercises of South American football

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Plan your Soccer Training quickly and efficiently

This computer program, is unique in its kind, presents a wide battery of exercises from soccer practiced in countries like Brazil, Argentina or Chile, among others ...

Hundreds of exercises are available for consultation and printing. Schematics and drawings are also accessible allowing for an improved understanding of the proposed exercises.

The user can choose from hundreds of exercises that best understand and make with them an accurate planning of the training to be undertaken.

divided by classes and typology, these exercises are part of the database of great European coaches of the sport and have already been widely tested.

Five hundred exercises in an open database (can add, remove or modify any of the exercises)

* Physicists
* Technicians
* General sheet by athlete
* Sports Schedule
* Graphical exercise simulator
* Preparation of workouts by exercises
* Consultation of completed training
* Video viewer
* Paper listings

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