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Coaching Combination Play
From Build Up to Finish
Learn to "Coach Combination Play" with Practical Examples of How to Play from the Keeper, through Defence, Midfield and Attack

This fantastic FULLCOLOUR book is written by Tag Lamche, a UEFA A Licence (part 1) Coach and a specialist in vision and awareness (perceptual and cognitive skills). In this book Tag shows you how to play ‘’From Build Up to Finish’’, providing numerous practical examples of combination play from the keeper, through defence, midfield and attack to create goal scoring opportunities.

Every tactic and practice suggested in this book has been fully tried and tested at professional academy level. Furthermore, all the likely problems and challenges you may face when implementing this philosophy are described and specific solutions are then explained in an easy to follow format. This distinguishes this book from other coaching books and makes it an invaluable resource for coaches. It’s vital to have a philosophy, but it's equally vital to know how to turn that philosophy into reality!

We present a commitment to “playing out” from the keeper and advancing with good possession using coordinated movement patterns through the 4 phases of play (Build Up, Consolidation, Incision and Finishing phases) including 40 tactical game situations and 66 practices.

Learn to "Coach Combination Play" with numerous practical examples "From Build Up to Finish"
Coaching Combination Play
  • 160 Pages
  • 40 Game Situations
  • 66 Practices
  • U12-18+ Level

As well as being structured, it is important to present players with a rich variety of options or tactical tools they can explore. In this way you empower players to make their own decisions - individually and collectively - as well as encouraging them to use their own creativity and natural attributes to best apply these methods into practice.

There are detailed chapters to outline the 4 phases of play and additional chapters for Supplementary Technical Training and Set Pieces.

40 Game Situations analysed including:

  • Midfield Rotation: Coordinated Movement Patterns
  • Playing Out from the Back
  • Creating Space to Play Through Pressure
  • Creating Scoring Opportunities
  • Key Attacking Runs to Finish

66 practices including:

  • Exploring “Opening Up” to Receive & One-Touch Passing
  • Rotation of the Midfield 3 in a Pass & Move Practice
  • Exploring the Third Man Run & the Classic One-Two Combination
  • Playing Through the Thirds with Two-Way Pressure in a Zonal Possession Game
  • Switching Play to Create Goal Chances in a Small Sided Game

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FREE Practice Samples:
Coaching Combination Play Attacking Transition Patterns Middle to Finish
Meet the Coach
Tag Lamche

Tag Lamche

4 years coaching experience at a professional Football academy in the UK (Oxford United), Specialist visual skills Football coach, Specialist coach and Consultant to the British Olympic Association (2007-2010), Head of Sensory-Motor Skills BOA Elite Performance Programme and Playmaker workshop leader/perceptual skills coach.

  • UEFA A Coaching Licence (part 1)
  • UEFA B Coaching Licence
  • M.PHIL DEGREE IN SPORTS COACHING (EDUCATION) Master of Philosophy Post-Graduate Research Degree from Birmingham University (UK). The research focused on visual and cognitive skills in football.
Coaching Combination Play - From Build Up to Finish

Learn to "Coach Combination Play" with numerous practical examples "From Build Up to Finish"

Level U12-U18+ 40 Game Situations 66 Practices
  • eBook: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

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