Ok.Hockey Software 5 - for Hockey Rink Trainers

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The OK.Hockey 5 computer program was developed in a high level L5G language and its reliability is recognized by international software development standards. Although very powerful this language only needs a minimum of resources that today we find in any personal computer. That is, any machine equipped with 128 Mb of RAM, a Gb of disk space, a PIII or AMD processor and a video card that allows the resolution of 1024x768 is more than enough to run this program.

Using a predicative analysis, one of the most recent software development techniques, this program is one of the first applications to use this method for the practice and practice of Roller Hockey.

The built system allows a more effective use of data diversity, which is recognized to be the best to make the right decisions about the different training and athletes. Predicting different scenarios is one of the possible applications of predicative analysis in the sports field. Others include optimizing strategies and tactics, modifying individual exercises, and potentially improving player selection and gameplay.

With OK.Hockey 5 it is possible to plan an entire sporting season and its preparation program either by team or for each player in particular. The management, for example, allows to take into account the availability of players, their specific skills, the training program of each and the complete file, plus much more.

For example, at the level of the preparation, powerful tables facilitate the inscription of the results and graphs of support subsequently result from these data for an easier analysis and consultation. Information listings are extracted covering all areas covered by the program. Much more is managed and referenced in this software, which according to the opinion of many specialized technicians is a valuable auxiliary, indispensable nowadays, where ever greater level of specialization and information is needed.

The program is very easy to use and of an intuitive nature that surprises any user, even without great computer skills.

Ok.Hockey 5 - for Hockey Coaches on Skates

The first computer program dedicated to roller hockey.

This software is intended for all Coaches of the sport of Roller Hockey. With it, it is possible to guide one or more teams of different levels, managing everything that is necessary from each player's card to the actions taken during the game. A database, duly structured, allows the insertion of exercises related to the modality. Ok.Hockey is a software of great utility for systematizing the knowledge acquired by the coach, throughout the different training and games.

* In addition to a new design common to the entire program.
* Personalization sheet of the program.
* Table of points types chosen by the user.
* Automatic introduction of buttons - Team.
* Calculation of the player's biorhythms.
* Text editor and digital document manager.
* Extended player database with new fields.
* Direct mail through the user defined server.
* Listing of all the presences to the trainings on the part of any player.
* Total training time in hours and minutes.
* Individual selection of anaerobic and aerobic training.
* Individual selection of specific training sessions and exercises.
* Medical record and history of injuries contracted (with image).
* Photo gallery by echelons.
* Simplified training attendance.
* Management of calls for different games.
* Consultation of team training sessions and exercises.
* Sports calendar, now with extended hours.
* Expanded worksheet with new fields: No. of repetitions, rest time, valometric classification, video images, etc.
* Valuation classification of the year: general criteria and specific criteria.
* Consultation of exercises for immediate acceptance for printing.
* Enlarge full-screen schematics, photos or drawings of rotating axes exercises.
* Widespread visibility of small tables fields.
* Schedule and sheets of training sessions scheduled with individual or collective training selection.
* Preparation of drills for exercises, for team or for player.
* Graphical visibility of the number of exercises chosen, by type, and their load in minutes.
* Preparation of training for energy systems - anaerobic and aerobic training.
* Anaerobic training sheets with periods: initial, base, cycle frequency and terminal.
* Aerobic training sheets with basic, medium and high levels.
* Table of intensity levels and effort load.
* Weekly training schedule (microcycle), now with the selection of the step for which it is intended.
* Complete routine for general planning of athletes: players, work groups, responsible technicians, task planning, etc.
* Completely new and very easy to use exercise simulator with full field, midfield, 3D field, 3D midfield, etc.
* Possibility to use MSPaint directly from the simulator.
* Virtual field for projection in Datashow (lectures, theoretical sessions, etc).
* New functionalities in the tab of the introduction of teams: evaluation team score and possibility of direct introduction of points for the championship.
* Selection of emblem or insignia of each club of the championship.
* Table of organizers of sporting events.
* Event organizer's fiches with: general data, location of the playground, events held, dates of the competitions and echelons, etc.
* General game card with many new features and print listing.
* Keys with voice in the analysis and performance of the team in game, use of the keys of the computer (Shift + 1, Ctrl + 2, ... 1,2,3, etc), resert of the game chronometer.
* Video for delayed analysis with synchronization with the stopwatch.
* Real-time query of comparative chart of actions performed during the game and its tables.
* New routine for the introduction of general game statistics with: chronometer for ball time analysis, marked points, user parameterization of the actions to be analyzed simplified (use from the computer keyboard (F1, F2, F3 ... 1, 2,3, etc.).
* Analysis and videographic study, integration with a freeware program (included) to capture the image of any DVD.

* And much more, a different program to discover ...

(Non-exhaustive list and reduced of the new potentialities of OK.Hockey5)

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