Football (Soccer)

+ 1000 Football drills and gamesInternational database for soccer training - More than a thousand technical, tactical and physical exercises are referenced in this easy-to-use program. With it you can..


FutControl 7 - for Football CoachesSpecific software for soccer coaches of 11 - Generate all teams from infants to seniors, from individual players' tokens, to absences or appearances to training. Als..


FutFORMAÇÃO - Software to support the formation of playersFutFORMAÇÃO is a planning and control tool for sports training, which offers the possibility to design and plan all the training work related ..


Plan your Soccer Training quickly and efficientlyThis computer program, is unique in its kind, presents a wide battery of exercises from soccer practiced in countries like Brazil, Argentina or Chile, ..


The 555 Exercises Software is a computer program that proposes a wide battery of physical, technical and tactical exercises of great utility for all practitioners of modalidae and especially for the c..


Plan your goalkeepers training quickly and efficiently.This computer program proposes a broad subject of physical, technical and tactical exercises of great utility for all Goalkeepers of the sport an..


> Management of athletes.> Unlimited team management.> Preparation of training units.> Dozens of statistical data.> Illustrator of workout exercises.> Presentation of tactical sche..


This computer program provides an extended battery of exercises designed to football practice on 11 and extremely useful for all lovers of the sport in sepecial for coaches of clubs. ..

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