BasketStar 5 -Software for Basketball coaches

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Specific software for basketball coaches, this program aims to assist in the management and control of the teams of the sport. Possibility of multi-team orientation (seniors, juniors, etc.) and has a real-time observation routine that aims to capture the actions of game or training for later analysis. Much more is available in this application.

* In addition to a new design common to the entire program.
* Personalization sheet of the program.
* Table of points types chosen by the user.
* Automatic introduction of buttons - Team.
* Calculation of the player's biorhythms.
* Text editor and digital document manager.
* Extended player database with new fields.
* Direct mail through the user defined server.
* Listing of all the presences to the trainings on the part of any player.
* Total training time in hours and minutes.
* Individual selection of anaerobic and aerobic training.
* Individual selection of specific training sessions and exercises.
* Medical record and history of injuries contracted (with image).
* Photo gallery by echelons.
* Simplified training attendance.
* Management of calls for different games.
* Consultation of team training sessions and exercises.
* Sports calendar, now with extended hours.
* Expanded worksheet with new fields: No. of repetitions, rest time, valometric classification, video images, etc.
* Valuation classification of the year: general criteria and specific criteria.
* Consultation of exercises for immediate acceptance for printing.
* Enlarge full-screen schematics, photos or drawings of rotating axes exercises.
* Widespread visibility of small tables fields.

* Schedule and sheets of training sessions scheduled with individual or collective training selection.
* Preparation of drills for exercises, for team or for player.
* Graphical visibility of the number of exercises chosen, by type, and their load in minutes.
* Preparation of training for energy systems - anaerobic and aerobic training.
* Anaerobic training sheets with periods: initial, base, cycle frequency and terminal.
* Aerobic training sheets with basic, medium and high levels.
* Table of intensity levels and effort load.
* Weekly training schedule (microcycle), now with the selection of the step for which it is intended.
* Complete routine for general planning of athletes: players, work groups, responsible technicians, task planning, etc.
* Completely new and very easy to use exercise simulator with full field, midfield, 3D field, 3D midfield, etc.
* Possibility to use MSPaint directly from the simulator.
* Virtual field for projection in Datashow (lectures, theoretical sessions, etc).
* New functionalities in the tab of the introduction of teams: evaluation team score and possibility of direct introduction of points for the championship.
* Selection of emblem or insignia of each club of the championship.
* Table of organizers of sporting events.
* Event organizer's fiches with: general data, location of the playground, events held, dates of the competitions and echelons, etc.
* General game card with many new features and print listing.
* Keys with voice in the analysis and performance of the team in game, use of the keys of the computer (Shift + 1, Ctrl + 2, ... 1,2,3, etc), resert of the game chronometer.
* Video for delayed analysis with synchronization with the stopwatch.
* Real-time query of comparative chart of actions performed during the game and its tables.
* New routine for the introduction of general game statistics with: chronometer for ball time analysis, marked points, user parameterization of the actions to be analyzed simplified (use from the computer keyboard (F1, F2, F3 ... 1, 2,3, etc.).
* Analysis and videographic study, integration with a freeware program (included) to capture the image of any DVD.

* And much more, a different program to discover ...

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