Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer Digital 5401

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The 5401 dynamometer by Takei is the digital version of the extremely popular Takei 5001 analogue measurement device.

This is the?perfect way to determine grip and forearm strength. Takei is well known as the industry leader in strength measurement as well as for quality and accuracy of there devices.

The 5401 Takei dynamometer was designed to determine?the constant flexor power of each forearm and strength.?The digital display shows maximum strength measurement values for both the left and right forearm to make obtaining results easier.

Both Takei dynamometer measure strength in a kilogram of force that which is displayed on the screen.

Specification of Takei Hand Grip Test Dynamometer

As with the Takei analogue and digital hand grip test dynamometer both have an adjustable comfort grip that will allow the users to change the distance between the palm and fingertips for an accurate measurement of strength for any sized

Minimum measurement is 0.1 kg
LCD shows three digits on the display of the hand grip test dynamometer
Maximum and averaged displayed on the screen
Takei will stop automatically a stop one minute after the last measurement
100 hours of life on one set of batteries.
Takei Dimensions: 154(W) ? 235(D) ? 62(H) mm

Takei Weight: 0.63kg

The Takei 5401 Dynamometer comes complete with instructions for use, average values by age and 2 x 4A batteries.

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