FutFORMAÇÃO - Software to support the formation of players

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FutFORMAÇÃO - Software to support the formation of players

FutFORMAÇÃO is a planning and control tool for sports training, which offers the possibility to design and plan all the training work related to a season or a team. It allows the direct management of a database with more than one hundred and thirty pre-elaborated training sessions, and almost a thousand diversified exercises with the purpose of the technical and physical preparation of each athlete. All the work processed can be printed in a field book and used later, or diffused through different media, such as PDF, Excell, Word, etc.


Plan an entire sporting season (Periorization, sessions, exercises, etc.). Evaluate the incidence of training in performance and competition. Generate your own databases, or modify existing ones. Print all created documents. And much more ... Create themed notebooks for different game situations and / or exercises. Classify and organize training sessions by creating a proper index. Create digital images to insert in the training description. Perform combined searches from different parameters.


- * Capabilities and objectives
- * Types of training sessions
- * undifferentiated
- * Parts defined per training session
- * Sessions classified by objective
- * Types of work intensity
- * Exercise simulator
- * Selection by mesocycles, microcycles and sessions
- * Select the parameters for each session and exercises
- Viewing Profile
- * Series and repetitions
- * Game Areas
- * Type of ingredients
- * Video Archive
- * Miscellaneous tables
- * Valometric definition per training session

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