How to buy

To make your purchases, and for security reasons, you must be properly registered, with all your registered data (including name, address, tax identification number and a contact number).

Purchases are made through the "Add" or "order" button on each product's tab. Once you click on it, the product is added to your shopping cart, which you can access through its link. After buying a product, and if you want to buy more, just click "continue".

If you want to finish, just click on "order". After choosing the products you must follow the "Purchases" link, where you can delete products or rectify quantities, and then proceed to "order" through the respective link, where you will confirm the order. After this procedure and the choice of the payment method, you can then complete your order, which confirmation will arrive by e-mail, accompanied by the order number.

All products that are priced at "zero" (0.00), are products that are sold out or whose price is only available on request. As such they are not available for immediate purchase through the online store, not being considered for inclusion in the "shopping cart". If you wish to obtain a quotation of these products or know the expected date of stock replacement, you should contact us by phone or email ([email protected]).


You may make offers to third parties. To do this, follow the instructions below: When you finish your order enter a new delivery address and mention that it is intended for the offer in the field to add comments to the order, and also indicate the person to whom you want to offer the order (s) products).