ATLÉTIC -Software para Treinadores de ATLETISMO (Corridas)

59.00€ (Iva Incluido)

This is the ideal program for all athletics coaches in the field of racing, designed by true experts of the sport, it is the most complete software in the market.

With it, it is possible to plan an entire season and its preparation program, either individually or by team. The management of the team, for example, allows to take into account the availability of the athletes their specific abilities, the training program of each, and complete file, plus much more.

You can prepare each training session at two different levels: taking into account the battery of practical exercises integrated in the software or through standard, complete sessions, to be defined by the trainer. Each of these standard sessions covers periods of warm-up, loading, and relaxation. You can also add your own exercises thanks to a handy graphic design editor.

This program covers all the distances and slopes of the area of ​​athletic racing, going from the 50 meters indoor to the marathon, passing through the tests of bush and walking.

At the level of the preparation powerful tables facilitate the registration of the results, either partial or final and charts of support are subsequently obtained from these data for easier analysis and consultation.

Information listings handled are extracted covering all areas covered by the program. Complete log of each athlete, availability of each one, training sessions held, times performed, direct advsersários, etc ...

Much more is managed and referenced in the program, according to the opinion of many experts in the discipline, ATLÉTIC is a valuable auxiliary, indispensable nowadays, where a greater level of specialization and information is required.

The program is very easy to use and an intuitive nature that surprises any user, even without great computer skills.

The minimum configuration of the computer where the application should run is a free Gb on the disk, 128 Mb RAM and an Intel PIII processor at 733Mhz or AMD, a 1024x768 video card.

Main features: * Multi-step (seniors, juniors, children, etc.) * Control of runners' tests * Weekly training plan * Technical and physical exercises (50 exercises) * Sports Schedule * Graphical exercise simulator * General Brochure Sheets * Results of the tests carried out * Real-time workout routine * Videographic viewer (slow, fast camera, stop, etc.) * Control of training absences * List of drills performed * Projection monitor data-show * Opposite times * Preparation of drills per exercises and customized sessions * And many more options

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