+ 1000 Football (soccer) drills and games

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+ 1000 Football drills and games

International database for soccer training - More than a thousand technical, tactical and physical exercises are referenced in this easy-to-use program. With it you can in just half a dozen clicks choose the exercises that best fit the training you want to perform and print them in a small field notebook, send by email or to your tablet through a PDF file.

With this software, you can simply plan any training session in a very short time.

A powerful simulator helps you to create your own exercises and put them into reference files for later access, you can even share them over the internet.

Ideal software for soccer schools of all levels.

* Over 1000 exercises and games in open database

(may add, withdraw or modify any of the exercises)

* Physicists

* Technicians


* General sheet by Athlete

* Sports Schedule

* Graphical exercise simulator

* Preparation of workouts by exercises

* Consultation of completed training

* Video viewer

* Paper listings

* Mobile delivery

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